The global cosmetics market was worth approximately 94 billion USD in 2020, despite an estimated 8% drop from the previous year (, 2022). Skincare products alone made up approximately 42 percent of this, demonstrating absolute dominance of the category while also holding the distinction of being the most profitable. Since the CBD market has experienced enormous growth over the same period, it is no wonder that the overlap between the CBD industry and the cosmetics market is so great. 

Both are highly profitable and rapidly expanding industries. Innovation is key in remaining competitive in both markets and the standards for quality and traceability are incredibly high. The knowledge of the consumers and their focus on natural and organic ingredients requires substantial formulation experience and top-quality raw materials for manufacturers to remain competitive. 

Typically, finished products have been made from CBD isolate and it’s only recently that we’ve seen significant usage of distillate raw materials. This preference for isolate still holds true for CBD cosmetics as most manufacturers consider it the simplest option for adding CBD to a product, without changing the formulation unnecessarily with the addition of extra ingredients. However, now that cosmetic manufacturers are looking to add minor cannabinoids to their formulations, this approach will no longer be sustainable. 

How to accommodate cannabinoids into cosmetic formulations

The first method for including cannabinoids would be to purchase and mix a number of different cannabinoid isolates, which is undesirable in terms of the costs involved It Is also impractical from a formulation standpoint as this would require calculating mass and percentages to ensure you get the desired ratios of cannabinoids, rather than simply adding the necessary mass of CBD.

The alternative solution to the above challenge is to start from a distillate raw material, which naturally contains a variety of cannabinoids. Distillate products typically demonstrate considerable variation in their cannabinoid content, but Always Pure Organics’ dedicated science and formulation team have created a solution by offering a range of Tailor-Made Cannabinoid Distillates. 

Ultimate customisation 

These distillates come with a wide variety of options for cannabinoid content including CBN, CBG and CBD, with specialised ratios of each compound available. This allows for the formulation of cosmetic products with specific ratios of cannabinoids from a single raw material, enabling the creation of products that otherwise would be prohibitively expensive and require extensive formulation experience. By using a raw material that already has the desired ratio of cannabinoids that you want in your end product, uncertainty towards formulating products correctly can be dealt with. 

A further benefit to using cannabinoid distillates rather than isolates as a raw material is in the inclusion of terpenes. Terpenes are common compounds found in a variety of plant species and are often responsible for their distinctive scents. Linalool, for example, is the primary compound that contributes to the scent of lavender and has been purported to have soothing properties, orange terpenes have demonstrated antioxidant effect, while pinene creates the distinctive scent for pine trees and is being investigated for a number of therapeutic effects.

The Cannabis plant is no exception, containing a wide variety of terpene compounds. During the production process for isolate, these compounds are removed, but the distillation process preserves them and as such our tailor-made distillates will naturally contain terpenes in their makeup. These compounds are not only responsible for the scent of cannabinoid extracts but have been hypothesised to contribute to the entourage effect, potentially increasing the effect of any present cannabinoids simply by their presence. There is also the option to commission specialised tailor-made distillates with bespoke terpene content, enhancing these raw materials with flavour and aroma that occurs naturally within the plant. For example, a customised distillate raw material could be formulated with additional linalool to provide a naturally soothing scent that will transfer to the finished product. 

Breathe Life Sciences has a team of highly experienced and creative formulation experts behind the development of these tailor-made distillates. It’s because of our confidence in their expertise that we can be sure these raw materials are the perfect choice for cosmetics manufacturers looking to expand their range and cater to the developing requirements of a health-conscious market. 

Ensuring consumer confidence is a major focus for Breathe Life Sciences and one route through which we continually achieve this is the supply of high-quality raw materials to manufacturers. As such, the production of these tailor-made distillates benefits not only the manufacturers who purchase them, but also the market as a whole. We pride ourselves on setting a standard for high quality products that other businesses will need to emulate in order to keep up, especially in an industry as fast moving as that of CBD. 

Cosmetics are a huge market, especially items related to skincare and health. Since CBD is a compound with many purported health benefits, there is increasing overlap between the two industries. With continual demand for innovative cosmetics as well as the CBD market looking to include minor cannabinoids into their wellness routines, the adoption of distillate products was an inevitability. Our range of Tailor-Made Cannabinoid Distillates will set a quality standard to improve the market as a whole, increasing confidence from end-users as they move out of their comfort zone and try minor cannabinoids.


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