The global cosmetics market was worth approximately 94 billion USD in 2020, despite an estimated 8% drop from the previous year (statista.com, 2022). Skincare products alone made up approximately 42 percent of this, demonstrating absolute dominance of the category while also holding the distinction of being the most profitable. Since the CBD market has experienced Distillates & The Beauty Industry

Much like Forbes have to say, read any report on the topic of the growth of the CBD industry and it will become apparent that the business is booming. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic (or perhaps because of it) market growth continued, with Forbes reporting almost a 50% increase of demand from 2018 to 2019. The Power of Tailor-Made Distillates

The cannabis market has experienced enormous growth over the past decade. Cannabis is now a highly profitable and rapidly expanding industry which has gained recent attention for its purported benefits as a therapeutic skincare ingredient. Most of the clinical research so far has focused on the benefits of cannabinoids (the active chemicals in marijuana) when Cannabis & Skincare

Minor Cannabinoids: Part 1  Introduction  The cannabis plant has been grown and cultivated for thousands of years for medical, industrial and recreational uses. Hemp was one of the first crops widely cultivated for industry, its high fibre content made it useful in fabrics, textiles and food. Humans realised the potential for cannabis as medicine as Minor Cannabinoids