Research & Development of Psilocybin Medicines in Australia

Research & Development of Psilocybin Medicines in Australia

Psilocybin and naturally derived psilocin medicines have the potential to transform the way we treat depression.
Our work in Australia is advancing the adoption and approval of psilocybin medicines for the treatment of chronic mental health problems.  

Our mission is to develop and register natural psilocybin medicines to treat and cure depression, treatment resistant depression, and major depressive disorder in the next 3 years. 


Natural psychedelics have been developed by nature over millions of years and used medicinally and ceremoniously for millenia. We now have the opportunity to establish their true medical potential in applying them to pharmaceutical-grade medicines for specific indications.

Botanical psilocybin can be cultivated rapidly from sporing to fruiting within 14-21 days. Our cultivation partners leverage unique development pathways which dramatically decrease development time at scale. 
Botanical drugs contain multiple active compounds, such as terpenes and variant tryptamine alkaloids, which may prove more efficacious in combination than any isolated single compound such as synthetic psilocin. 
Magic Mushrooms, Psilocybin, botanical tryptamine alkaloids have been used by people for thousands of years, with only three known deaths attributable to toxicity.
patient ACCESS
Botanical compounds can reach both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical markets. Our view is as nature intended.
Intellectual property
We are going after the generic market without creating novel compounds. Our IP is in efficacy and safety data, supply chain and specific strains going into our psilocybin medicines.

Lab Grown Psilocybe Cubensis with ~1.2% actives

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